The Panasonic Actual Professional Extremely EP 30004 Therapeutic massage Chair

The Panasonic EP 30004 is a part of the Actual Professional Extremely therapeutic massage chair line. The Actual Professional Extremely line is the latest accessible from Panasonic. That is the brand new platform for the most recent era of luxurious high-end therapeutic massage loungers. The EP 30004 is the subsequent step up from the EP 30003. These therapeutic massage chairs have the latest expertise to offer for simpler therapeutic massage therapies.

The EP 30004 comes with the most recent the physique scan expertise. The physique scan expertise will create a digital map of your again. It does this in three dimensions. When the scan is carried out it is going to find your shoulders and likewise the acupoints and your again.

The digital map created from the three-dimensional physique scan is restricted to your again. The data is recorded within the chairs pc. This data additionally contains the curvature of your backbone. The data is then used to customise the therapeutic massage jets for you 일산출장안마.

The three-dimensional physique scan works along side the brand new quad fashion therapeutic massage rollers. This superior curler design will regulate to the curve of your backbone. This permits the chair to offer a simpler therapeutic massage remedy.

The EP 30004 therapeutic massage chair additionally comes with 5 computerized packages. These packages embody Swedish, shiatsu, deep, stretching and fast. These packages are activated on the contact of a single button.

One fascinating therapeutic massage approach integrated into this therapeutic massage chair is the Junetsu approach. The Junetsu approach is extremely positive kneading. This specific approach is nice for relieving knots in your again. It makes use of small round motions and rising strain to penetrate by the muscle tissue.

This therapeutic massage chair additionally comes with higher and decrease physique stretching. This allows you to stretch the decrease physique from the hips to the ankles. Or you possibly can choose the higher physique stretching for the arms and shoulders.

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